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Peer Support

Peer support for people who use illicit drugs is essential during the current overdose crisis. It is a process whereby individuals with lived or living experience of a particular phenomenon provide support to others by explicitly drawing on these experiences. Our peers play a pivotal role in overdose prevention interventions for people who use illicit drugs and are essential to the acceptability and feasibility of such services. We will walk alongside you as you find your pathway and provide support, resources, and advocacy for those in need. We recognize that you are the expert in your life and you will not have to do it alone.

Our Certified Peer Support Specialists are trained and passionate about supporting those seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They have lived experience with substance use, homelessness, overcoming obstacles/barriers, and they will find a holistic recovery pathway that works for you. We have offices in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis.


The Minneapolis team has been tasked to address the opioid epidemic, and CCC has three key goals to combat opioid misuse in North Minneapolis (1) decreasing opioid overdoses and mortality. (2) decreasing the prevalence of opioid use disorder. (3) educating the community. The services we offer will:


  • Expand the use and distribution of Naloxone and Fentanyl test strips.

  • Implement an outreach program to train potential bystanders on how to respond to an overdose.

  • Increase general awareness and understanding of Fentanyl among opioid users and community at large.

  • Provide screening, diagnosis, and assessments for treatment of opioid use and other substances.

  • Increase access to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

  • Provide community outreach, education and trainings to the communities impacted most by the epidemic.

  • Connect with local organizations to build the resources needed to support goals.



Northside Minneapolis Support

We have expanded our work to the North Minneapolis community providing non-billable peer support and many other resources and services. We realize there has been a lack of resources and we are working to increase access to services while also  expanding behavioral health services for those most at risk, through key partnerships in the community. CCC, has embraced a harm reduction model to address drug use and addiction, implementing strategies that put individuals at the center of intervention. We are partnering with agencies and organizations in North Minneapolis and beyond to ensure everyone who needs services receives services without barriers.

Contact Us


1 West Water Street, Suite 210

Saint Paul, MN 55107

1011 West Broadway Ave, Suite 201

Minneapolis, MN 55411


P 651-888-6103

F 651-393-5161

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