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Our outreach team is often the first step towards connecting with the homeless, at risk of homelessness or struggling with mental health or substance use.

Two street outreach workers canvas the streets three days a week to encourage people to take advantage of the resources offered.

 Our team has connected more than 6000 individuals to services since 2015. Peer Navigators can fast-track clients to receive the help that is needed. They have provided referrals to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), peer support, treatment referrals, income assistance, housing support/referrals, and other essential resources.

Family Support

Addiction is often called “the family disease” because the actions of those we love do impact us. We can provide many supportive tools and resources to those who have a loved one struggling with substance use.

  • Healthy coping skills

  • Emotional support

  • Family support groups,

Unfortunately, not all outcomes are positive our staff can be a support and help facilitate the healing process.

Community Outreach/Engagement

We want to learn about the services and resources your organizations offer and share with you the resources we offer. How can we complement each other and offer the community the best possible outcome? We can come to your organization and share our resources and services with your clients to ensure if additional support is needed there is access to services. We want to help facilitate recovery and end lives lost to substance use.

Naloxone Access Point

We provide free Naloxone training and Naloxone kits to those who would like to know what to do if they come across someone experiencing an overdose.

Street Outreach

Just because someone might not be ready for recovery doesn’t lessen their worth. Instead allows us to connect with them and help them with what might be needed right then and there.

          We provide backpacks of hope with hygiene kits and harm-reduction supplies. We believe in compassionate care. Showing each person we meet that they have worth and importance.

Coat and Boot Donations

Each year we hand out necessary items to ensure those living without homes stay warm. Over 3 years, we have provided over 300 pairs of boots and 3,700 socks, gloves, and hats to those in need.

All Recovery Meetings

Proving those who reside in shelters or temporary housing access to support.

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