At CCC, we embrace a vision of support, advocacy and self-sufficiency. 
Empowering People to Help Themselves


To promote recovery and improve the care and treatment outcomes of persons living with substance abuse disorders through support, advocacy, education and services.



We envision a recovering community where all people can achieve sobriety, health, wellness and self sufficiency through a comprehensive, holistic, community-based service delivery system; while encouraging stakeholders to promote and support recovery.



​Between July 2015 and November 2016, Continuum Care Center provided services to twenty-two (22) African Americans individuals who attended outpatient treatment. They participated in a pilot project that provided a array of services such as setting recovery goals, developing action plans, resource connecting, an support as it relates to recovery. Are services are built on strength and resilience with the focus on the peers ability to find his or her path in achieving goals and enhancing their recovery capital. Resurrection Recovery was the Treatment Center that participated. The goal of the pilot project was to:

  • Increase focus on recovery and peer-support services

  • Improve the health statuses of individuals with co-occurring mental, physical and behavioral health conditions though care coordination. 

  • To reduce health disparities in access and outcomes of those seeking and completing treatment. 

  • Reduce relapse, lengthen medication compliance and reducing the stigma related to mental and substance use disorders. 

  • Assist in the transition from treatment into the recovery community. 

  • Decreased lengths of hospital stays, lower services costs overall

  • Enhanced self-esteem and social functioning and attend at recovery meetings      


Services provided under the peer recovery support services pilot project allowed for a wide array of non-clinical services and supports that helped individuals initiate, support and maintain recovery from substance use disorders.

Below is a list of some preliminary outcomes for those participants who participated in the pilot and received case management and peer support 2015-2016:


  • Increase in number of participants housed and living in residences that they either rent or is GRH long term housing

  • Increase in number of participants having a full-time and/or part time employment, and/ or in training programs

  • Increase rates of abstinence and/or reduced use

  • Increase in personal recovery investment

  • Increased medication compliance

  • Reduction in the recidivism rate and overall systems cost

  • Obtaining and utilizing 12-Step and other recovery meetings, peer recovery coaches, spiritual sponsors, or mentors and other recovery options.


In late 2017 Minnesota Department of Human Services posted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a Mini Grant -Peer Services Enhancement, and in 2018, Continuum Care Center(CCC) was awarded $10,000 to develop a Cultural Specific Peer Recovery Coach Training curriculum.  This curriculum which was developed for the African Americans recovery coaches and for non African American professionals who benefit from and understand, and communicate effectively with people across cultures. While being aware of one’s own views, and developing a positive attitude towards cultural differences in recovery.  It is an effort to train individuals who wish to be Peer Recovery Coaches and provide some skills to serve the community in a culturally sensitive manner.  Continuum Care Center values collaboration and solicited work and efforts from people in recovery and professionals in the field who are allies to recovery to develop a comprehensive addition to the already developed Peer Recovery Coach training.   In October 2018 Faces and Voices of Recovery (ARCO) accredited our organization as a recognized Recovery Community Organization! RCOs are grassroots peer-led organizations which support the many pathways to recovery for individuals. 

We support the many ways of recovery....

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Continuum Care Center (CCC) is a grassroots Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by members of the recovery community that provides resources to promote long-term recovery and improve quality of life while building recovery capital.

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