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Housing Stabilization

People with disabilities often need support to live successfully in the community; however, that support is often unavailable.  

 Affordable housing is not always enough. Challenges such as mental illness and developmental disabilities can make it difficult for someone to find housing, budget, interact with landlords and neighbors, and understand lease rules. More people can be successful with the right support provided by a professional with knowledge and experience in housing.  

Housing Transition Services  

A housing transition services provider (a person or agency) helps a person plan for, find, and move into housing.  

  • Helping the person think about preferred housing

  • Helping with the housing search and application processes

  • Developing a budget

  • Understanding a lease  


Housing Sustaining Services   

A housing sustaining services provider (a person or agency) helps a person keep their housing after moving in.

  • Education on tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities

  • Coaching to develop relationships with property managers and neighbors

  • Training on how to be a good tenant

  • Lease compliance

  • Problem-solving to maintain housing stability  

Housing Consultation  

A housing consultant helps a person who does not have Medical Assistance in case management develop a person-centered plan that addresses their needs, wants, and goals for living in the community.   

  • Developing a housing-focused person-centered plan based on the person’s needs, wants, and goals for housing

  • Helping a person make an informed choice in their housing transition or sustaining services provider

  • Offering resources related to non-housing goals

  • Coordinating with other service providers already working with the person  

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