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Senior Peer

CCC provides support to seniors by seniors with lived experience in recovery, navigating the system, and knowing the needs of seniors to help them find a recovery pathway that works for you the senior. We'll pair you with a senior peer who will role model recovery and provide support while partnering you on a plan to build a holistic and comprehensive recovery pathway that works for you. Celebrating every success while providing companionship along your recovery journey.

Services provided but not limited to:

  • Assist with making appointments

  • Recovery meeting support

  • Filling out paperwork

  • Transportation

  • Food security

  • Building recovery capital

  • Resources needed

  • Health insurance needs

  • Living skills

  • Promoting healthy friendships and community involvement and overcoming obstacles and barriers that may arise.


Continuum Care Center,  Senior Peer Support services strives to improve the well-being of seniors by providing increased social connections with their peers. 

Contact Us


1 West Water Street, Suite 210

Saint Paul, MN 55107

1011 West Broadway Ave, S

Minneapolis, MN 55411 Suite 201


P 651-888-6103

F 651-393-5161

P 612 -353-5171

F 612-353-5171

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