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Young Adult Recovery Support

Empowering People to Help Themselves


Young people in or exiting treatment and seeking recovery face a range of diverse issues, homelessness, lack of support, and recovery capital. Continuum Care Center recognizes this, and provides culturally competent and linguistically accessible outreach, engagement, education, prevention, intervention, recovery support and treatment coordination to support a holistic recovery model. 


We work with individuals to incorporate their unique strengths and resources toward their long term and sustainable recovery. We focus on family involvement, community strength and other tools to enable young men and women to become self-sufficient. Our pilot program conducted in 2015 shows services that help individuals seeking recovering or exiting treatment locate stable housing and other supportive resources produce better outcomes.


We create a safe environment and provide a young adult peers so a young person may feel more supported and more likely to develop recovery relationships with those in their age group. This isn’t to say that an older adult may not make friends with younger people, but they may have an easier time feeling supported, comfortable and developing relationships among those individuals in their own age group.

Participants have access to a young adult group.


Continuum Care Center (CCC) is a grassroots Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by members of the recovery community that provides resources to promote long-term recovery and improve quality of life while building recovery capital.



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