At CCC, we embrace a vision of support, advocacy and self-sufficiency. 
Empowering People to Help Themselves


Support our mission with your donation that will help someone on their path to recovery and self –sufficiency.  All donations make a difference in helping people and our community realize  their potential.

"I was looking for something better for myself, a new way to live.  I was tired, homeless, and strung out. Someone connected to MRC put me in touch with Continuum Care Center as something a little closer to home.  They supported the way I wanted to recover and now I have been in recovery for 3 years.  I have my kids back, a home, and a job.  I didn't before." Elizabeth

"I am a proud guy.  I speak up for myself and can take care of myself.  When I realized I needed help, these guys didn't make it hard to get help. They did not judge and they allowed me to direct my recovery, at the speed I was ready for. Life is getting better every day because I have support." Ned 

One West Water St. Saint Paul, MN 55107             (651) 888-6103

Continuum Care Center (CCC) is a grassroots Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by members of the recovery community that provides resources to promote long-term recovery and improve quality of life while building recovery capital.

Address: One West Water Street

Saint Paul, MN 55101

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