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Empowering People to Help Themselves

At Continuum Care Center, everyone engaged in recovery has the ability to become a recovery advocate and learns to use their voices to educate the public, policymakers, and service providers that recovery is possible. Our staff are people who will appeal and support a cause that will support many pathways, gain more public support which has a profound effect on lives. Our advocacy mission is to build a recovering community free from stigma, barriers and SUD through services that provides support, hope, and self-sufficiency. We do this by advocating for education, prevention, treatment and recovery throughout the Twin Cities.


We hope to partner with RCO’s  and focus on growing our own recovery community to share information on what resources we have and are available to Minnesotans who are struggling with a substance use disorder or have a loved one struggling with addiction, and we advocate for support in areas where more resources are needed. We aim to be a complete resource center to connect people and recovery resources.


CCC, works hard to stay informed about federal and state legislation that can impact behavioral health, recovery organizations and resources in Minnesota. We conduct outreach to educate our elected representatives on recovery and change the stigma that surrounds substance use disorders, influencing public policy that may help reduce barriers and create a system of care that supports recovery.


All peers at CCC, strive to empower individuals toward their own recovery success, goals and dreams.


Continuum Care Center (CCC) is a grassroots Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by members of the recovery community that provides resources to promote long-term recovery and improve quality of life while building recovery capital.



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