At CCC, we embrace a vision of support, advocacy and self-sufficiency. 
Empowering People to Help Themselves



In attendance are:
Dr. James Shelton- Chair, Jane Scallen- Vice Chair, Samantha Walker- Acting Secretary, Eric Bacon-
Executive Director, Dr. Rene Pelletier, Karen Argo, Saran Cryer-LICSW(?)

Not Present: Nicole Rousse, Chaplain Laurie-Rose, and Carlton Johnson

Meeting was called to order 1 pm and introductions were made.

Grants and funding sources discussed:
 Pan-African Endowment 
 Saint Paul Capacity Building Grant (St. Paul Foundations), Management Improvement Fund (St.
Paul Foundations) are two other grants we are seeking out and is in process.
 Completed RFP for Ramsey County to be a vendor and servicer contracted with the county to
provide and Peer Recovery Support Services 
Clients receive 20-30 hours per week minimum in services.

UPDATE: Comprehensive assessment is replacing the Rule 25 assessment. Language has changed,
insurance does not matter with client, you can still do it. Unknown about which form they will

Staff or Volunteers must get a certificate from the Recovery Coordination Organization to become a Peer Recovery
 MNSure Navigation brings in quarterly income for each application completed.

 In discussions to contract with Turning Point treatment center in Minneapolis MN for recovery
support services or to be a trainer and provide lectures/ trainings to employees .

 Driving with Care is now under Continuum Care Center and is a subsidiary service 
 Jane S. is willing to host a fundraiser at her home in April.
Proposed fundraiser dates are: April 18 th / 19 th and 25 th / 26 th (please rank dates 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , and
4 th choice). Please respond to this email with your open dates and times for the fundraiser.
Board responsible to bring guests/ invite them.
Casual attire. 5-7 or 6-8 pm for fundraiser times.
 Financial state

 We have liability insurance for the Board. The insurance releases the board from any adverse
circumstances in the course of providing services. 
 Dr. Shelton has some additional ideas for income for Continuum Care center to be further
discussed at the next board meeting.
 We are looking at starting support groups to assist people on recovery as everyone has their
own path to recovery, as per the Recovery Community Organization standards and ideals.
 There is an incarcerated artist who has commissioned work for Resurrection Recovery and we
are interested in commissioning three pieces to auction off at Jane S. fundraiser- if possible.

Who and What is Continuum Care Center:

There was some question on how to best describe our organization and what people are
supporting when we try to involve, family, friends, the community, policy makers, and others. Here is
the best way to describe Continuum Care Center (feel free to copy and paste for emails, letters, etc.):
Continuum Care Center is a 501(c) 3 Non- profit organization established in 2015 though a pilot program
of Peer Recovery Support services by Mr. Eric Bacon, LADC and Executive Director. Mr. Bacon recognized that individuals with
substance use disorders were repeating treatments for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental
health issues and seemed to be stuck in this cycle of treatment, and use.
He observed, asked questions, and used his professional expertise to determine that people’s basic
needs were not being attended to and planned for before entering, during, and after treatment. People
were given supports to continue working at recovery- but often times left to their old neighborhoods,
support systems, financial circumstances, and many of those environments were not stable or suitable
for sustained recovery.
He thought about long-term recovery and basic needs, and realized that if we could have a number of non-clinical Peer Recovery Support Services  to keep clients focused, checking in, working on housing, employment or other financial assistance, and placing them in an
environment that works for the individual- the clients were more successful.
He then saw that people needed to be in the driver’s seat when it came to long-term recovery. It is
important to design a program for sustained recovery around what the individual’s recovery pathways
are, and is tailored to that individual.
Mr. Bacon spent a year completing a pilot program with clients from Resurrection Recovery and
provided them with Peer Specialists, and other peer support while they were in
treatment for substance abuse and/or co-occurring disorders, and determined that the individuals
participating in the pilot were more successful and became more stable, and had a more secure grip on
recovery with the supportive services.

-Increase in number of participants housed and living in residences that they either rent or is GRH long

term housing

-Increase in number of participants having a full-time and/or part time employment, and/ or in

training programs

-Increase rates of abstinence and/or reduced use
-Increase in personal recovery investment
-Increased medication compliance

-Reduction in the recidivism rate and overall systems cost
-Obtaining and utilizing AA-NA or spiritual sponsors or mentors.

We provide hope, love, and empowerment CCC. We empower clients and tailor their process to them
and their wants and needs, which aids in them believing that they can achieve long-term recovery. We
cheerlead, we advocate, and we connect. Most of all, we want clients to understand there is a life they
are worthy of living beyond the substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues. Please
help continue to help us drive this mission.

One West Water St. Saint Paul, MN 55107             (651) 888-6103

Continuum Care Center (CCC) is a grassroots Non-profit 501(c)(3) organization led by members of the recovery community that provides resources to promote long-term recovery and improve quality of life while building recovery capital.

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